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Now that your kids are home

When your children are home for holidays, you can do more than just keeping them busy with academic worksheets and other forms of digital learning. It is a great time to teach children some good manners, simple courtesy and core values.

I will be sharing a few with you.

Let’s get started:

With the compulsory stay at home because of COVID-19 (and at every other holidays) one complain is common from most parents:

The kids are eating too much. Their mouth just never stops.

Why don’t we turn this problem of “eating too much” into a good learning platform. Let’s start by teaching them some table manners and food courtesy.

  • Teach them to say ‘YES PLEASE’ or ‘NO THANK YOU’

So let me show you how you could do that. Try going over this sample conversation with your kids:

Parent: Would you like to have an apple?
Child: Yes, please.

Pause and repeat, but this time the child should reply
“No thank you.”

Explain to them when to use either of the statements as the polite way of just saying Yes or No.

You can repeat this over and over again

  • Teach your child to “wait for everyone to be served before you begin eating.
    It is not only at parties or events that you teach your child this, charity begins at home they say. Teach it now, even at a tender age.
  • Don’t eat with your mouth full.
  • Chew food with your mouth closed.
  • Always say thank you after every meal.
  • When you need some more food simply say, ” may I have another apple slice please? And when you’re given don’t forget to say “Thank you.”
  • Teach children to remove food crumps from the table. Children need to learn to eat without spilling food on the table.

Teach your children to learn to use napkin especially for cleaning mouth corners.

Note: Parents can use the following methods to communicate these lessons: Role Play, Modelling, Songs and Real Life Situations.

Make the best of this time!

Dr Elizabeth Ogunshola

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  1. Nice insights! Bravo!

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  4. Thanks for taking time to share, this is totally my experience with my kids, they have learnt a lot from this post.

    1. You’re welocome, It’s so good to know that your children learnt from the article.

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  7. Good job, dear Lizzie

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