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Nurturing the Dreamer in Your Child

Raising a Purposeful Child: Secret No. 1

I have so many people around me- both great and small; and I am yet to find one person who didn’t have a DREAM. A lot people may not be able to describe their dreams, they may no longer believe in it but they sure have dreams.

Every one of us has a sense of wanting to do “something meaningful” with our lives- I call this DREAM. I believe every child is born with a dream, a dream that is unique to him or her, the world is waiting for that dream and so the Dream Giver – God! In fact, your child’s unique make-up is a pointer to his or her dream. As a parent, it is your sole responsibility to help your children discover and shape their dreams.

Dare to let your children dream of changing the world: Teach your children how to dream, nurture their curiosity, teach them that having their dreams fulfilled can change the world; it was BRUCE WILKINSON who wrote “the same child whose thoughts you influence positively will eventually change the world”

Of all the wonderful things my parents taught me, one stands out above all else: they believed everyone could make a difference in the world. They taught me I could choose to live in such a way that after my death people could say the world was a better place because I had been there. Gerald G. Jampolsky.

When it comes to nurturing children’s dreams, there are two kinds of parents- One who crushes the child’s dream, and the dream dies and another who affirms the child’s dream and make it bigger and better. What kind of a parent are you?

Dear parent, every child has a dream. You do not have to create your own dream for your child. Your child’s dream is unique and important whether it is popular or not, the Dream Giver has placed in your child’s heart a unique dream as his or her fingerprints; dreams are meant to be lived.

Research has shown that the lives of children whose dreams are overlooked, very often go wrong; they even sometimes become a liability. One thing is certain: without love, parents are incapable of teaching their children how to discover and live their dreams. Parents who don’t do anything about their children’s dream or leave their dreams to chances do one or more of the following:

  1. You know about your child’s dream, but are unable to do anything about them.
  2. You make your child feel like a failure if he or she does not succeed in some areas and neglect areas where the child is doing well.
  3. You ignore your child’s dreams, or even crush them possibly because it’s not popular or too big or too small.
  4. You impose your own dream on your child
  5. You force your child uncaringly towards making his dream come true.

Understand that we need more than just natural parental love to nurture purposeful children. Love should be complemented by knowledge and depth of insight, so that we may be able to discern what is best- If you do not understand your child’s dream, ask questions and help nurture the dreams aright. Wise parental love is willing to get to know, understand and enjoy every child for the unique person he or she is. Be prepared to spend time with them peacefully, without making them feel that they are making inroads on your valuable time. Be there for your children, listen to them, and maintain eye contact when you talk, be their friend so you can gain some indication of the dreams God has given them.

Dare to let your children dream of changing the world. Often we approach our children’s dreams with a touch of negativity because we think we’re being realistic. Perhaps we have seen some of our own dreams reduced to ashes. Maybe we want to spare our children the pain of seeing their dreams shattered, or help our families avoid the stress of misconceived dreaming, or the dream sounds too big for you as a parent or unrealistic, the problem with such reality checks is this: We risk crushing our children’s dreams even before they have had chance to start dreaming because we are not sensitive enough.  The way you protect and handle your child’s dream is the way other people will handle the dream – Nurture the dreamer in your child.


Dr Elizabeth Ogunshola

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