Having Difficulties Handling Slow Learners? Find 6 Tips Here!

Having Difficulties Handling Slow Learners? Find 6 Tips Here!

It is crucial for you to know that “Slow learning” is not a learning disability and that slow learners aren’t uncommon! Don’t forget that a slow learner needs more time and often more resources from parents and their teachers to grasp new concepts.

Amongst other tips, the following modifications in your child’s learning process can make a BIG DIFFERENCE!

Tip 1: Use Repetitive Method

Through repetition, a skill is practised and rehearsed over time and gradually becomes more effortless.

Tip 2: Set Realistic Expectations Using Smaller Targets

Understanding what is achievable for the child and setting targets accordingly is essential.

Tip 3: Use of Peer Tutoring

Parents and teachers should encourage slow learners to study in groups. The more a child interacts with others of his/her age, the more confident he/she will feel.

Tip 4: Keep Lessons Brief

Slow learners struggle with focusing; hence teachers should make the learning times compact and do several smaller segments of learning.

Tip 5: Use Multiple Ways to Teach

To help slow learners, parents and teachers need to be creative and devise different means of teaching and never forget to give them exercises that are in tune with their competency. 

Tip 6: Use Praise Often

Give genuine praise frequently by emphasising their strengths and giving positive feedback. Praise keeps them motivated and wanting to do more great work.

P.S. Parents and teachers need to refrain from giving negative feedback to children. These negative comments further affect children’s learning process as they begin to believe in their inability to learn.

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