Six Things to Remember as School Resumes

Six Things to Remember as School Resumes

Your preschooler should get a minimum of 10 hours of sleep a day:

For your child to wake up joyful and without morning display, he/she needs to have a good sleep. Pre-school children need up to 10 – 13 hours of sleep each day, these include naps. You need to set regular bedtimes, wake-up times, and nap times for your child. If your Grade School child no longer takes naps, schedule some quiet time during the day.

Stop the early morning yelling and screaming:

Help your child succeed in school by reducing the early morning chaos! The early hours of the morning determine how well your child will enjoy the day. While your children are getting ready for school, set the right tone of how their day should be; stop the morning chaos; it affects the child’s learning centre. Send your children to school ready to learn!

Make out time to talk with your children every day:

Find out if they have been bullied in one way or another; teach them how not to be a bully. Talk about what happened in school, and attend to issues that need immediate attention. Some things should not wait till OPEN DAY in school.

Don’t just pay fees; get involved:

Attend school meetings or programmes, and know the teachers directly responsible for your child(ren). Even though some schools might deny you this, you should still get to meet the teacher(s) responsible for your child(ren).

Create an effective study habit or environment at home to complement what the school is doing:

Let your child have a particular time of the day when homework is done. Needless to say that you need to reduce screen time during school sessions.

Have that sex conversation with your child(ren):

That you have done it before does not mean you cannot reiterate this over again. Sex education should be an ongoing conversation till your child matures, do not assume they understand it all.

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