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I am an education thought leader, school founder, educational coach, parenting advocate and teenage mentor.

I help school administrators run better schools, I help young women find their purposes and find their voices, and I help parents raise children with more intentionality.

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Welcome to my World

About Me

I founded and lead, one of the Nigeria’s most innovative schools – Brainy Hive Schools; providing future-driven education for children  between the ages of 3 months – 16 years. I mentor teenagers and young career starters helping them navigate life’s challenges and achieve success with minimal errors. I also serve as a coach to many educators, especially those who lead learning communities. I use my platform and space to help parents to be more intentional with parenting and their family lives.

What I do


I help teenagers find direction early in life, and help young adults develop the right value system upon which to build their relationships, career, marriages and life, guaranteeing a life of purpose and impact.


A lot of parents are raising children by default without a plan, expecting their children to turn out exceptional. I work with parents to develop intentional parenting plans and practices to ensure they do not sacrifice the families in pursuit of career and business.


I run a future-driven school, and I help educators put the right systems, structures and processes in place to ensure that their schools raise students who are ready for the future.

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